Recruitment Process

Your application is important to us. Our job ads include crucial information to help you successfully apply for positions at Carlington. Please read below to increase your chances of submitting an effective application.

Attachment: We require an attachment in addition to a resume and cover letter to better assess how well your skills and experience match the job requirements of a posted position. Applications that do not include attachments are not considered in the selection process.

Attachments should be 2 – 3 pages in addition to your resume and cover letter. You can use point form to describe in detail how your experience, skills, and education match each of the qualifications for the position as listed in the job ad. The more detail you provide, the better we can assess your suitability for the job.

Reference number: Please include the position reference number on your application, because we often have many competitions at one time.

Delivery: We prefer to receive your application package by fax, regular mail, or hand delivery. If you submit by email, please submit in MS Word 2010 or earlier, or as a PDF file.

Deadlines: Please respect our deadlines and submit your application before the date and time indicated in the posting. Late applications will not be considered.

Accommodation:If at any stage in the selection process you require an accommodation, please let us know the nature of the required accommodation.

Our general selection process includes the following steps.


Some positions include a written assessment, including questions that assess the key skills required for the job. Written assessments are generally completed on a computerand may include computer skills, letter-writing skills, proposal-writing skills, or client charting. Other positions may require “on-the-floor” testing, such as clinical or childcare positions.


Our interview panel generally includes 2 – 4 staff members, including the hiring manager. Interviews are generally 45 minutes to one hour long.


We will check three professional references, two from people who have supervised you. The third reference can be from a co-worker, supervisor, or someone you supervised in a previous job.