Violence Against Women

If you are in IMMEDIATE DANGER, call 9-1-1


Available to women who are or have experienced partner abuse. We operate from a feminist perspective, which includes: empowerment, re-affirmation, support, advocacy, while maintaining a nonjudgmental approach. Some of the topics explored in sessions are: the cycle of violence, elements of power & control, warning signs, impacts of abuse on women and children, healthy relationships and many more.

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Assist women in transition to a life free from violence by connecting them with necessary community services, such as: housing, parenting support, educational and employment needs, legal matters and accompaniments, health & wellness services to ensure the client's transitional needs are being met.

Contact Intake Counsellor 613-722-4000 ext. 260
The Phase I support group is open to all women, whether you are in a relationship or not. Explores such topics as: the impacts of abuse, building self-esteem, assertiveness skills, support networks and self-care.

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Bi-weekly support group for women. Topics are identified by participants and focus on healthy living.

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Group for children and their mothers who report the experience of women abuse. Breaks the cycle of violence and helps heal from the experience of witnessing violence.

Contact Intake Counsellor 613-722-4000 ext 260