Client Rights and Responsibilities

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Clients are clients of the Centre, not of individual care or service providers. Service providers aim to respect the wishes of the client about disclosing information. However, some sharing between CCHC providers needs to occur in order to provide appropriate and quality care.

Clients have the right to:

  • Privacy, confidentiality, and equitable access to services and care
  • Request services in the official language of their choice
  • Be informed about the nature of their care, including any risks and benefits
  • Make decisions about services or support, including the right to refuse or discontinue service or
  • Provide input into the planning and provision of services
  • Professional, dignified and respectful care
  • A safe and secure service environment
  • Access their personal health information / file
  • Be informed the centre may refuse service when necessary
  • Know about all available services at Carlington
  • Know when they are receiving the services from a student
  • Make a complaint, give feedback, advocate for policy and system change
  • Give us a compliment!  😀

As a client you have the following responsibilities:

  • To attend scheduled appointments, or provide 24-hours’ notice if an appointment needs to be
  • To be respectful in your language and behaviour at all times
  • To ask questions that will help you make
    informed decisions and choices about your treatment and care

If you have any questions please speak to your care provider


Approved by the Board of Directors March 2017